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Good content is key to successful marketing.
But creating good content can be quite hard.

contentplanr makes it easy to create great articles that really reach your audience.

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    Define target groups, keywords, style guides, publishing channels and languages, as well as the structure of your website, social media campaign, brochure or magazine.

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    Write articles together with your team and clients. Drop in all relevant resources and notes. So any information you need is always only one click away.

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    Easely focus on your goals, always be on top of your deadlines and see progress at a glance. And once articles are ready, publish them to the chosen channels.

contentplanr puts you on the track to the best content you'll ever create

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    Plan and Organize

    Create any number of articles, group and rearrange them in a nice and clear preview.

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    Perfect Collaboration

    Put together individual teams for each project and let them see, review and comment on the articles.

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    Each article can have a multitude of variants, be it different output channels like a website, facebook, and twitter, or even different languages.

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    Your Audience In Mind

    Personas, target groups and keywords for each article help you to focus on the needs of your audience.

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    One Place For All

    All the information and resources are right where you need them: besides your article. Just drop any file onto your article and any team member will have access to it.

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    Always Be On Time

    Each article can have its own due date and the calendar view gives you an exact picture of where you are in your timeline.