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Personas are a pragmatic way to visualize customer groups in the content development process. Personas are more or less detailed descriptions of a single person, which are prototypical for a whole target group or a part of a target group.

With the help of such a representative profile, it is easier to put oneself in the position of the target groups and thus create content that is optimally tailored to the objectives and target groups.

At contentplanr, personas can be defined in great detail in four different sections.

In the Basics, the basic characteristics of the persona are specified with picture, name, age, gender, interests, hobbies, income, occupation, etc.

The Situation describes the goals and challenges which the persona is currently facing.

Different character traits of the persona can be set in Character.

And in the fourth section you can place a formulated biography.

The detailed persona descriptions can be shown at any time within the articles, in order to be able to get the focus as best as possible on the target groups.

New personas are created with the blue plus button, and can be edited by clicking on an existing persona. Changes have to be confirmed with the save button above.