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The project overview displays all articles of the project in a tree-like structure.

The size of the article preview can be set at the top. The three different display options large, medium and small show different details of an article. You can also use the filter at the top to restrict the article display to articles with a certain status.

The individual articles/branches can simply be moved with the mouse to change the sequence of the articles. To group articles, simply drag the articles onto another article and they will become its sub-articles. If an article has sub-articles, this article group can be opened and closed by clicking on the blue arrow in front of the article. You can create new articles with the blue plus icon and delete individual articles with the red minus icon. However, articles can only be deleted if you do not have any subarticles; article groups cannot be deleted.

On the right side is the message board. Here the project participants can directly exchange information about the project. Simply enter your message to the other project participants above and click on the plus icon. For each message, the author and the title of the article to which the message refers are displayed.

Changes to the project structure must be saved with the save button in the upper left corner.

To edit an article simply click on the corresponding branch in the project tree.