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Depending on the subscription selected, any number of contributors can be part of the projects in one account. Each invited user can be assigned a different role: Project Manager, Staff, Contributor or Client.

While the administrator of one account always has access to all contents of the account, all others only have access to the projects for which they are part of the project team. These project teams are grouped together in the project settings.

Project managers have full access to all data in their projects, while the other roles in your projects can edit the individual articles, but not the basic settings and personas of the project.

To invite a user to your account, you first need the email address to which the invitation should be sent, and the role of the target person (which can be changed later). In addition, the administrator can send a message to the person along with the invitation.

With the button send the invitation will be sent to the entered email address. In addition to the administrator's message, this email contains a confirmation link via which the administrator can accept the invitation and set a password for his access to contentplanr.

Email addresses can only be assigned once with contentplanr, so users may be contributors in different accounts, but must use different email addresses for each account they are a part of.

To change the role of an contributor or to remove the contributor completely from the account, click on "edit" on the right in the list of account members for the respective employee and then make your selection.

Access: Administrator Only the administrator of the account can invite other users to collaborate in his account.