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Plan, create and publish content
for websites, social media, and print

Today, it's easier than ever for businesses to create and publish content. The challenge is to create content that is relevant to their audience, while ensuring that it is created in the most efficient and targeted way. With contentplanr you have the ideal tool to achieve this goal.


With contentplanr, you create projects that consist of individual modules. These modules - usually individual articles - can be grouped and nested as desired to fit any content structure you can think of.

For a project, you first define the overall goal to be pursued with the project.

With the specification of target groups and keywords, as well as the creation of personas, the project can be further focused.

Each article/building block can be extended with its own keywords and target definitions to be as specific as possible regarding the topic of the article.

Working in a team

In contentplanr you can work together with others on your projects and articles. To do this, you invite customers, employees and freelancersto your contentplanr account .

Individual project teams can be put together for each project.

Each article can be assigned to specific team members as a task and provided with a deadline. And the message board simplifies the communication between the team members.


The status of an article — draft, in correction, finished, and published — is visualized everywhere with the colors grey, red, green, and blue. So you always have a quick overview of the status of your project. The calendar shows you all article deadlines, so that you always have your schedule under control.


Finished articles can be easily exported in various formats or posted directly to blogs or social media such as Facebook, Twitter (the integration of Facebook,Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, and Wordpress is coming in 2020).